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Essential Oils Classes

A Weekend Workshop at Living Light
Exploring Essential Oils for healing, Flavor Enhancement, and Prosperity

Taught by Amy Bacheller, M. Ed., NC.


Aromatherapy dates back to 4000 BC and was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Persians.


Aromatherapy uses only essential oils which are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essence of plants. These oils are extracted from various parts of a plant, including the stem, leaf, flower, bark, fruits and even the root. Essential oils are composed of tiny compounds that make the oil feel thin to the touch. If you rub the oil between your fingers it will seem to disappear quickly and not leave an oily residue. They also evaporate easily in the air which is why they are considered to be volatile.


The essential oils are absorbed into the body in two ways, inhalation and/or absorption by skin. When an essential oil is inhaled, it activates the nerve cells in the nasal cavity which send impulses that stimulate the brain and produce positive feelings and emotions, while at the same time substances of the essential oils are drawn into the lungs and then quickly absorbed into the bloodstream providing physical therapeutic benefits. Moreover, when an essential oil is applied to skin (never undiluted), it penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream this way. Because of their general makeup, most essential oils are highly antiseptic and are able to kill an assortment of harmful bacteria and viruses. The oils also reduce inflammation and help wounds heal faster by stimulating the repair of cells. Some other aromatherapy benefits include: relaxation and stress relief; mood enhancement, balance and well being; relief of minor discomforts; and boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems. Aromatherapy is an alternative complementary medicine and should not be used as the major treatment, but as an addition to the healing process with standard medical care.


The classes are:


The Essence of Raw: Essential Oils for Healing and Flavor Enhancement

Learn the basics of using essentials oils for culinary purposes and to enhance health.

  • Introduction to essential oils: How to use them, where, when, and why
  • Culinary essential oils: Which oils to use, techniques, recipes, and guidelines for recipe development
  • Taking care of the chef: Aromatherapy for body, mind, and spirit. Learn to enhance health, attitude, and spiritual connection using essential oils


This class is appropriate for anyone, whether they are professional chefs or home cooks, raw or conventional, featuring Young Living Essential Oils - the only culinary oils used at Living Light.


2011 Dates: February 5, April 9, July 30, and October 22


Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm in the Abundance Health classroom, Living Light


Tuition: $125 (10% discount when combined with "The Essence of Abundance")


Prerequisites: None required. This class is open to the public.



The Essence of Abundance: Essential Oils for Health and Prosperity

Learn to live in the flow of abundance using aromatherapy. Explore spiritual principles and practices in business.

  • Learn how attitude and choice affect abundance
  • Explore the principles of the law of attraction, gratitude, and forgiveness, to create abundance in all areas of your life
  • Discover how a spiritual approach to marketing, enhanced with essential oils, can make abundance flow with grace and ease


This is a powerful and inspiring class that is appropriate for anyone.


2011 Dates: February 6, April 10, July 31, and October 23


Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm in the Abundance Health classroom, Living Light


Tuition: $75 (10% discount when combined with "The Essence of Raw")


Prerequisites: None required. This class is open to the public.



Total for both classes when taken together: $180 (No other discounts apply)