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Introduction of Raw Food Nutrition

Introduction to Raw Food Nutrition™ is a 4-hour course designed to provide a solid framework for the understanding and real world application of whole food, vegan, and raw food nutrition. This class is presented from a scientifically-based, yet user-friendly perspective. People of all knowledge levels can benefit from the topics and concepts that will be presented in this class.


Introduction to Raw Food Nutrition™ is a great course for beginners who want to learn how to create a stable foundation for success in implementing powerful and sustainable food choices, helping to propel them toward the greater expression of vibrant health and vitality. Those with more knowledge and/or experience with raw food nutrition will appreciate the solid rational framework this class provides, by helping organize fragmented and often contradictory bits and pieces of nutritional knowledge into a cohesive, results-oriented model. Additionally, friends and family you may wish to invite will appreciate the down to earth, common sense approach this course offers. Each student will receive a complete set of class notes that follow along with the power point presentations.


Topics covered in this class include:
  • An examination of different food categories for vitamin and mineral density, antioxidants, phytonutrients total fat content, saturated vs. unsaturated fats, pro-inflammatory vs. anti-inflammatory fats, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calorie density, and more.
  • The importance of each of these nutritional components will be clearly explained and then analyzed. We will look at the nutritional components objectively, without the influence of marketing. Did you know that strawberries, for example, are a better source of iron than meat? And did you know that some cuts of meat that claim to be "95% fat free" actually have 50% of their calories from fat, and that raw food diets that claim to be 20% fat can actually have the majority of their calories from fat? Come learn how to never be fooled again!
  • An examination of major studies in the scientific literature that support the benefits of a diet based on whole natural plant foods, including the Framingham Heart Study, the China Study, the work of Dean Ornish, M.D., and more.
  • Once the benefits of whole natural plant foods are firmly established, the additional benefits of eating most plant foods in the raw state will be revealed. This includes an examination of calorie density and weight management, nutrient loss during cooking, the importance of the different types of enzymes, and a brief mention of the 5 different categories of "cooked food toxins" that are avoided when we consume raw plant foods.
  • We will look at three typical, but totally different raw food diets, and do a comprehensive nutrient analysis of each, compared and contrasted with a typical cooked vegan diet and a standard western diet. We will then go on the discuss how to structure a healthy raw diet, and how to make sense out of conflicting information such as mostly fruit vs. little or no fruit, low fat raw vs. high fat raw, etc. We will also discuss where different raw and cooked foods fit on the health continuum, the importance of greens, and other relevant health topics in addition to diet.


If you would like to expand and deepen your understanding of whole food, vegan, and raw food nutrition, our two-day, 12-hour, Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I is the next course in our Science of Raw Food Nutrition series. Although neither course has a prerequisite, they are designed to compliment each other for an unbeatable education in the understanding and real world application of raw food nutrition.



Dr. Rick Dina

Dr. Rick Dina, D.C. has been studying health and nutrition since 1986 and has been a primarily raw food vegan since 1987. In 2003, he founded Vitality Health Center in San Rafael, CA, where he offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, and nutrition consulting.

Dr. Karin Coleman Dina, D.C. has been studying and practicing raw food nutrition since 1990. She studied naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University and holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. She has a private nutrition consulting practice in San Rafael, CA.


Dr. Karin Dina


Class Schedule and Tuition

For more information, please refer to our schedule of raw foods classes and workshops.


Class Location

For more information, please refer to our schedule of raw foods classes and workshops.


Length of Class

4 Hours



This course is open to the public and no prerequisites required.


Additional Information

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