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Gourmet Raw Food Chef Training

Living Light's Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification training takes students to the next level of confidence and expertise - exploring world cuisines, developing and writing recipes, transforming traditional cooked dishes into health-promoting gourmet raw cuisine, catering large events, and understanding the science of raw food nutrition.


Eight courses of study are required for this certification:


Some of the advanced courses (those courses following the Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor™ series) must be taken in order and must be completed within two years after graduating as an Associate Chef and Instructor. Please see prerequisite requirements before registering.


Graduates of this program also gain access to the Instructor Empowerment Kits. Each kit provides complete materials for teaching a wide variety of popular raw food classes. The opportunity to use these advantageous kits is exclusive to Living Light graduates. Our graduates are also eligible for the Chef Referral Service weekly job listings.


Living Light Raw Culinary Arts Gourmet Raw Food Chef certification is based on a standard of excellence and is highly regarded in the vegetarian, vegan and raw communities.


Class Schedule and Tuition

Please refer to our schedule of raw foods classes and workshops.


Class Location

Living Light Center, Fort Bragg, CA.


Length of Class

34 days


What You Will Learn

  • How to use all kitchen equipment and appliances required in the preparation of gourmet raw cuisine, including high-powered blenders, food processors, juicers, dehydrators, spiral slicers, mandolines, and other time-saving devices
  • Professional knife skills
  • Sprouting and growing young greens
  • Cultured vegetables (krauts)
  • Raw cheeses
  • Condiments
  • Breads, wraps, crepes, and crackers
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Non-dairy milks, creams, juices, and elixirs
  • Secrets of great salad dressings
  • Desserts of all kinds - candies, pies, cakes, puddings, cookies, tortes, and ice creams
  • Pates, dips, spreads, and wraps
  • Soups and smoothies
  • Appetizers and entrees
  • Pasta making
  • Ethnic foods of all kinds
  • Spa and weight loss cuisine
  • Holiday and celebration foods
  • Flavor dynamics and flavor balancing
  • Recipe development and recipe writing
  • Cooked recipes to raw conversion
  • Setting up your raw food kitchen
  • Easy meal planning
  • Catering parties and events
  • Science of raw food nutrition
  • Importance of organics
  • Composting, recycling, green living
  • Food design, garnishing, plating
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Importance of familiarity, color, texture, flavor, and love in foods
  • Community building, unconditional support and shared values


The instructor portion of our Associate Chef Training includes:

  • Writing and introduction, bio, and press release
  • Charting and organizing recipes, menus, and classes
  • Using assistants
  • Creating demo cards
  • Pacing and sequencing
  • Pricing your classes and services
  • Becoming a dynamic speaker
  • Organizing professional raw food classes
  • Marketing your classes and yourself
  • Coaching and personalized training
  • Time management and goal setting


Support Materials

Graduates of this program have the option to purchase our Instructor Empowerment Kits and are eligible for our Chef Referral Service weekly job listings.


Additional Information

Tuition includes course materials. During this hands-on course, you will need a chef coat, chef hat, a safety glove, and a set of knives (a Chef knife and paring knife at the minimum). We recommend additional chef coats and an apron. As in FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™ you will need the required text, Angel Foods, as well as required text, The Raw Food Revolution Diet: Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Feel Younger!


These items may be purchased at the Living Light Marketplace upon your arrival or you can shop online ahead of your series start date.