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Celebrate the life of Dr. Ann Wigmore!

Ann Wigmore Memorial Commemoration and Festival of Life in Lithuania from September 19-23, 2012


This international commemoration in the birthplace of Dr. Ann Wigmore will be a major international event, including the unveiling of a statue of Dr. Ann, as well as presentations at the Lithuanian Parliament and medical school. We urge you to become a donor in support of Dr Ann’s legacy through the Ann Wigmore Memorial Education Fund. For donations, information and reservations go to


Donations of any size are greatly appreciated. Anyone who donates $100 or more will be memorialized on the Ann Wigmore Memorial Path in Kruopiai Park with a unique brick specifying your name and the city where you live.


Cherie is creating a commemorative video about Dr. Ann’s life to be shown at the event, and several well known wellness experts and raw food leaders will be presenters there, including Viktoras Kulvinskas, Brian Clement, Victoria Boutenko and Karyn Calabrese.



Ann Wigmore Commemoration Invitation