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Healthforce Nutritionals Product Spotlight

Hi, welcome to the Living Light product's spotlight. I'm Cherie Soria, founder and director of Living Light Culinary Institute. I've been living a high-raw vegan lifestyle for nearly 20 years and as I tell people, with each day, I become more and more grateful that I discovered the raw vegan diet. Because, the older I get, the bigger the payoff!


I know I look years younger than I would if I ate a standard American diet and I have more energy than people half my age. And, I'm not 100% raw vegan 100% of the time - in fact. I'm pretty flexible -- especially when I travel. There are foods I never eat no matter what, but there are other foods I allow myself when I can't get the beautiful, raw vegan foods I prefer. I can't feel guilty about it since I have to eat - so I just bless what I'm eating, take HealthForce Nutritionals Digestive Enhancement Enzymes, and enjoy myself.  


Still, there is a price to pay when I stray too far from my usual raw vegan fare. So, when my husband Dan and I travel, we always take certain HealthForce Nutritionals products with us. One important product we use everyday whether we are home or traveling is Vitamineral Green. I think of it as my daily green insurance. I put Vitamineral Green in my smoothie or just add it to water or juice in the morning.  


Another great HealthForce product to travel with is Earth. Earth helps balance almost every system in the body. We put this highly mineralizing powder on our lunch buffet at the school everyday and students enjoy sprinkling it on their salads. It's also good added to hot water to drink as a warm, comforting tea. When I'm at home, I often add it to soups.  


I also want to share with you a few other HealthForce products that I find especially helpful when I am away from home. In fact there is one that anytime I have to travel I start taking the night before I leave home. The product is called Intestinal Movement Formula. I don't know about you, but sometimes I find that when I have to get up several hours earlier than normal to catch a plane and I run out of the house I lose my normal regularity.  


That is not the best way to start a trip! Intestinal Movement Formula will gently help me stay regular, without the worry of having to find a rest stop on the way to the airport! I also use it along with two other products as a cleansing regime following a long trip -- or anytime I feel I have gotten off track with my diet. I'm super busy and I don't always have time to do a water fast or even juice fast, so I use a system that I know works for me quickly, yet doesn't have the consequences of some other more harsh cleansing programs. In fact, it is so gentle that I can use the system even when I am working 12 hour days.  


The other two products I use for cleansing, in addition to Intestinal Movement Formula, are Intestinal Cleansing Formula and Internal Parasite Formula. Don't think we only pick up parasites if we eat animal products - we can also pick them up from eating fruits and vegetables - so I use these three cleansing products and have seen proof that this system works! I won't go into the proof just now, but trust me - I know it works!  


All of HealthForce Nutritional products are verified TruGanic, which is significantly beyond organic and an indication of absolute quality. The TruGanic standard was created to verify both purity and quality for sourcing and production.  


And, all HealthForce products are personally formulated by Dr. Jameth Sheridan, whom I have known for over 10 years. He is a naturopath and hard-core herbal medicine researcher and I trust him implicitly. I know he's on a mission to provide the absolute best products possible that enable people like us to experience dramatic health improvements.


We are grateful that HealthForce is a Living Light sponsor and we wholeheartedly recommend their products. You can read about all their excellent products at: or go to to purchase them. I highly recommend HealthForce Nutritionals for health and longevity. I use them everyday and I think you'll notice a difference when you use them, too!