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Living Light Chef Showcase

August 26–29, 2010
The Living Light Center, Fort Bragg, California


The Living Light Chef Showcase, streaming live worldwide August 26-29, is an online peek into the most exciting new culinary paradigm on the planet. Cherie Soria, known as “The Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Food,” is creating a concept like no other—a “virtual” chef showcase featuring demos from top Living Light chefs and celebrity guest chefs who will show you how to make the best raw food recipes on the planet!


You’ll learn techniques from master raw food chefs who know how to create the “enlightening” world of tastes, textures, rich colors, and fresh flavors you’ve been longing to experience! Living Light chefs and celebrity guest chefs will demonstrate recipes developed through years of practice—these artists have honed their craft through years of teaching, catering, and creating recipes for books, retreats and restaurants.


Don’t miss the Living Light Chef Showcase—making healthy living delicious worldwide!



Living Light Chef Showcase Replay!



To watch the Chef Showcase Replays, please go to: To log in, you'll need your email address and password (sent in a separate email after purchase). If you have any problems logging in, please email: or call us at (800) 816-2319 or (707) 964-2420.




Cherie hand selected a superb lineup to take you on a fascinating creative exploration—reinventing gourmet cuisine for the 21st Century! After 5 years of creating the Vibrant Living Expo and Culinary Showcase, we realized that we want to do what we do best: share our culinary expertise with the world! You can save time, save money, protect the earth’s resources and still experience recipes and learn tricks and tips from some of the most knowledgeable gourmet raw food chefs in the world from the comfort of your own home. This virtual, visual feast will include demos from over a dozen chefs who can take you on a journey of culinary delight that nourishes the body and nurtures the spirit.






The Living Light Showcase will be held on August 26-29, 2010 from 9:00am-5:00pm at the Living Light Center in Fort Bragg, California, USA. Starting August 26, watch Laura Fox’s 3rd Best of Raw Cacao Contest from 4:00 - 6:00pm and then the "Celebrity Chef Panel" from 7:00 - 9:00pm, both streamed live on the internet. The dessert reception will be held on August 28th at 6:30pm.


3-Day Chef Showcase Ticket - $225.00

3-Day Chef Showcase and Dessert Reception Ticket - $260.00


Tickets are transferable and non-refundable.




NEW! Chef Showcase Schedule


Click here for the latest schedule.



Best of Raw Cacao Contest



First Los Angeles, then New York, now Laura Fox brings the BEST OF RAW Cacao Contest to the Living Light Center in Fort Bragg during the Living Light Chef Showcase: Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen! And, for the first time ever, the judging will be live streamed so you can watch it in the luxury of your own home! Find out what the judges think of each chocolate entry as they taste and comment. Mark your calendar for Thursday afternoon, August 26 - that's when the judging will take place at our center in Fort Bragg with Laura and her hand-picked team of judges.


People often ask Cherie how she feels about chocolate and since we are hosting Laura Fox's BEST OF RAW Cacao contest here, at the Living Light Center this August, she felt it important to clarify our position on the subject:


Chocolate is a charming character with a bit of a mixed reputation. Some claim that it has innumerable health benefits, while others won't consume it at all based upon health concerns. Here at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, we've made it our mission to support everyone on his or her journey for better health. We do not consider chocolate to be a food group, super food or supplement, but instead consider it to be a celebration food to be consumed in moderation. We know that we as humans do not eat for nutritional purposes alone, but also for emotional support, nostalgia, and sometimes just to feed our spirits. For this reason we do support our students, clients, and staff in creating desserts that include chocolate as a component, while encouraging them to use the highest quality ingredients and alternative sweeteners. That way, when special occasions arise, foods like chocolate can be enjoyed in the healthiest possible way. It is for these reasons that Living Light International is proud to be a sponsor of Laura Fox's 3rd BEST OF RAW Cacao Contest. We will be hosting this contest during our annual Living Light Chef Showcase: Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen, August 26-29, 2010 at the Living Light Center in Fort Bragg, California.


Visit to find out more about the contest, including profiles of the talented chocolatiers and chefs who will be competing for winning titles in three categories (Sweet Dessert, Truffle/Bar/Treat, and Savory Dish) at the 3rd BEST OF RAW Cacao Contest!





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