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The Raw Food Revolution
Northern Lights Tour 2008

November 8 - December 7, 2008

Sponsored by Living Light International


Updated: November 11, 2008 at 11:40am


Northern Lights Tour FAQ


Q: How do I register for the The Raw Food Revolution Northern Lights Tour?

A: For all workshops except for Cherie's The Raw Food Revolution talk, you can register online via our secure store. For Cherie's The Raw Food Revolution talk you can just pay $20 at the door. (US or Canadian). You can also call the Living Light enrollment department at 707-964-2420 (the 800 number only works within the USA).


Q: I see that we can pay in advance or at the door. Will you accept credit card payments at the door?

A: Yes, we do accept credit cards at the door. Costs will be charged in US dollars according to the credit card exchange rate. We will also accept checks and cash.


For example, for the Introduction to Raw Food Nutrition class, the fee is $125 USD which is about $150 CDN. You can also pay cash at the door ($150 CDN); however we encourage you to register early and receive a discount by signing up online in advance. If you use a credit card, it will be charged in US currency of $125 US and processed through Living Light. Note: prices are different for each class.


Q: The price seems high. Can you explain this?

A: Our students consistently rate "The value of the training" as 'Excellent to Extraordinary'. FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods and the Science of Raw Food Nutrition I are our two most popular classes. Usually you have to travel farther and spend more to receive the benefits of the Living Light curriculum. Up until now, people have had to make the effort to come to Fort Bragg, California. People from 36 different countries have travelled to these classes.


Our most popular class, FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods, is normally taught as a two day class for $475 (which requires travel, 2-3 nights hotel, etc.) and we are teaching it in a 1-day format for only $325, with little or no additional travel expense. It is expensive for us to take these classes on the road and we hope you see the benefits in attending locally.


For those who might wish to pursue further education through classes at Living Light, FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods is the first class in the three-part Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef & Instructor Certification training series and a pre-requisite for attending more advanced classes and workshops.


The Science of Raw Food Nutrition IT with Rick and Karin Dina is our second most popular class (it is taken by almost everyone who comes to our school) and it is required as part of the Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification. If you want to understand more about why and how raw food nutrition works - this class is a must.


Q: Where are the classes being held?

A: All the class information, including class descriptions, times and venue details are listed here.


Q: Do we get to try food in the classes?

A: In FUNdamentals, samples are provided and the class includes a buffet salad bar lunch, so do not come with a full stomach! Raw Food Revolution includes a sample from one demo. The Science of Raw Food Nutrition is an informational class and does not provide samples of any dishes.


Q: Is there anything we need to bring?

A: Just bring yourself! For the intensive classes, a binder is provided with detailed notes on the entire class. If you are a note-taker, feel free to bring a pen and additional paper, but most people do not find the need for extra notes. If you are taking the Science of Raw Food Nutrition or the Introduction class, you may also want to bring your own food and water.


Q. I see you are going to a lot of cities but why are you not coming to our town in Canada?

A: There are many cities who have invited us to offer classes and workshops in their area. We had to limit the number of cities we visited to make the tour logistically feasible on our end and financially affordable for our students. Canada is a large country and we did the best we could to arrange a selection of classes in places that could be easily travelled to from Canada or the US. You can view the complete schedule and flyers here.


Q: Is the Introduction to Raw Food Nutrition a prerequisite for the other classes?

A: The Introduction class is not a prerequisite for any class. It is designed for people who would like a basic overview of the main principles of Raw Food Nutrition. This class is scientifically-based, yet user-friendly, and is only a 4 hour class. People of all knowledge levels can benefit from the topics and concepts that will be presented in this class.


If you would like to expand and deepen your understanding of whole food, vegan, and raw food nutrition, our two-day, 12-hour, Science of Raw Food NutritionT I is the first course in our Science of Raw Food Nutrition series. Although neither course has a prerequisite, they are designed to compliment each other for an unbeatable education in the understanding and real world application of raw food nutrition.