4th Annual Vibrant Living Expo and Culinary Showcase
 August 15, 2008 
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4th Annual Vibrant Living Expo and Culinary Showcase™ - view our speaker and demo schedule here!

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Next Weekend -
67 Renowned Authors, Health Experts, and Celebrity Chefs!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to experience a world class health expo on the beautiful Mendocino coast of northern California!

NOURISH YOUR BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT next weekend at the 4th Annual Vibrant Living Expo and Culinary Showcase™ -  August 22-24



Daily Pass:  $75 per day
3-Day Pass:  $195

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3-Day Pass includes all Lectures, Classes, Ask the Experts Panels, Culinary Presentations, Raw Pie Contest, Mini Film Festival, Peace Meditation with Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and crystal bowl performer AwaHoshi Kavan, healing sounds of Harpist Joel Andrews, Friday night Music Showcase with two bands - The Human Revolution and Jah Sun, plus a lot more!

The Expo schedule is now online - click here to view our detailed schedule of presentations, culinary demos, activities and entertainment!

In case you missed the last bulletin about our 2008 Expo Authors, Experts, and Speakers, it is now posted on our website - enjoy!

 Read more about the Vibrant Living Expo in this article re-printed from the Fort Bragg Advocate News:

Living Light International and The Institute for Vibrant Living will co-sponsor the Fourth Annual Vibrant Living Expo and Culinary Showcase August 22-24 in Fort Bragg. A Town Hall plenary, open to the public on Thursday, August 21st previews over 50 health experts, culinary artists, animal rights advocates, and holistic practitioners, both local and from as far away as the Philippines. This year's roster includes Gabriel Cousens, M.D. author of numerous books, including There is a Cure for Diabetes, Viktoras Kulvinskas, author of Survival into the 21st Century, Victoria Boutenko, author of Green for Life, and nutrition educators Drs. Rick and Karen Dina from Living Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in San Rafael, CA. Other key speakers include Rhio, author of Hooked on Raw, who has done extensive work with 9/11 survivors, scientist and nutritional counselor Fred Bisci, and Paul Turner, director of Food for Life Global, the world's largest vegetarian food relief organization.
For those interested in weight loss, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute director Cherie Soria will offer advice from her recently released book The Raw Revolution Diet: Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Feel Younger. Other experts in weight loss include fitness guru Dr. Douglas Graham, author of The 80-10-10 Diet, Dr. Leslie Van Romer, author of Getting into Your Pants, and Angela Stokes, who regained her health by losing 160 pounds on a raw food diet. Author and fasting coach David Rainoshek will offer insights on juice fasting and juice "feasting."
Culinary demos with Living Light chefs and culinary presenters from restaurants in Los Angeles, New, York, San Francisco, Brazil, Asia, and other locales will be continuous each day of the event. Gourmet raw food will be available at Living Light Café and Cuisine-to-Go in The Company Store, and at the Wellness Pavilion in the Masonic Hall on Main Street. VegNews publishers Joe Connelly and Colleen Holland will be among the judges at the annual "Raw Pie Contest" 
Local animal rights advocate Jan Allegretti from Ukiah, co-author of The Complete Holistic Dog Book: Home Health Care for Our Canine Companions, will speak about holistic pet care, and Kristi Phelps from the San Francisco PETA chapter will be a presenter. Other local speakers include naturalist and breathworker Rebecca Aum, Charles Bush, an award-winning educator, Trish Gallagher and Terry Nieves from Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables Collective, Susan Lightfoot from Noyo Food Forest, Barbara and John Stephens-Lewallen of Mendocino Sea Vegetables, and Petra Schulte, nutrition educator from the Fort Bragg Unified School District.
Music during the expo will include a Friday night concert with two bands: The Human Revolution and Jah Sun. During the weekend harpist Joel Andrews will offer a sound healing workshop, and local artist and musician Janie Rezner will present "Awakening the Sacred Feminine" with words and music. Daily activities include Shaktipat meditation, KaliRay® Tri Yoga, a daily crystal bowl meditation with Awahoshi Kavan, who travels the world giving crystal bowl concerts, and daily exercise with fitness coach Doug Graham. A mini film festival, including personal appearances by the filmmakers, "Ask the Experts" panel discussions, a raffle, silent auction, and exhibitor booths with healthy lifestyle products and services will round out the weekend program. Pre-and Post-Expo workshops including Living Light's one-day intensive, FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™ are also available. Information at RawFoodChef.com, or by calling 707-964-2420
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2008 Rawsome Pie Contest

Saturday, August 23, 4:00 PM at the Vibrant Living Expo
Cherie Soria and Dan Ladermann welcome co-host/emcee Joe Connelly, publisher of VegNews to our fantastic 2008 Rawsome Pie Contest!  VegNews Co-Publisher Colleen Holland will be one of the judges, along with other top Vibrant Living Expo Culinary Presenters in a delicious event to be savored!

Entries will be judged on flavor, creativity, color, texture, and presentation. Each contestant is responsible for bringing all the equipment and supplies necessary to create their pie. The entry fee is $25 for each pie entered.
The grand prize winner will receive a $450 scholarship to attend any Living Light Culinary Arts Institute training course at the Living Light Culinary Center in Fort Bragg, California and $100 cash.

The second prize winner will receive $50 in cash plus other great prizes!

The third prize winner will receive $25 in cash and other great prizes, too!
Rawsome Pie Contest Application

Here's more about Joe Connelly and Colleen Holland of VegNews:
Joe Connelly
When he founded the Syracuse Area Vegetarian Education Society in 1996, VegNews publisher Joe Connelly had no idea where it would lead. Then he met Colleen Holland at NAVS Summerfest in 1999, and their ensuing collaboration lead to the launch of VegNews, which has since morphed into an award-winning, full-color glossy magazine, the one found today at Whole Foods, Safeway, Borders, and Barnes and Noble.

Colleen Holland
VegNews publisher Colleen Holland, a graduate of UCLA and the Natural Gourmet Institute, is passionate about publishing and business. Her background in food, marketing, and brand-building has helped create a savvy, internationally renowned media company. Colleen has traveled the world and enjoys yoga, cooking, and discovering vegetarian restaurants.

Rising Star Chefs

We are proud to present our 2008 Rising Star Chefs (in alphabetical order)
Vaughn Alexander
Vaughn Alexander discovered raw foods while on a personal quest for optimal health and improved quality of life.  A driving passion for healthy foods led her to Living Light Culinary Arts Institute where she recently completed the associate chef training program. Vaughn is currently working on launching Raw Genius Foods, which will specialize in private chef services and consulting.

Shana Dean
With over ten years experience in the weight loss industry, Shana has a keen interest in the link between diet and well-being. Shana is an Associate Chef graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.  Through her company, High Raw Foods, Shana provides group and private culinary classes, dietary coaching and lectures, and promotes raw nutrition as a delicious means to health, beauty, and vitality.  Shana is passionate about fine cuisine, and her recipes burst with vibrancy and sophistication.
Andrea Griffith
Andrea's interest in raw foods began in January 2004.  After gaining 75 pounds during her second pregnancy, she tried many different diet plans. Still 30 pounds over her ideal weight, she felt stuck.  Nothing worked!  Then she discovered something so simple, so natural and so easy she could hardly believe it!  Raw Foods!  Within 3 months of eating nothing but nature's gifts, she shed the remaining weight, felt better than ever, improved her health and changed her life. A Living Light Associate Chef graduate, Andrea shares her raw culinary skills through classes, dinners, and speaking engagements.

Diane Haworth
Diane Haworth is an internationally recognized athlete, motivational speaker, newspaper columnist, and a former strength trainer for the Navy SEALs.  An inspiration to many throughout the years as an authority on fitness and nutrition, she has touched the lives of thousands, encouraging all towards obtaining new levels of health, fitness, and overall well-being.  She has been a spokesperson for Vita-Mix Corporation for the past nine years in both the United States and Europe.  As a 100% raw athlete, Diane was once again on a first place mountain bike racing team this year, and placed 20th in the World Road Master's Championships in Austria.  At age 47, she is still a sponsored athlete.
Tina Lubsen
Tina, a Living Light Associate Chef graduate, is an artist, yoga instructor, and a mother of one child, with a passion for raw foods. She sees teaching raw foods as an opportunity to raise consciousness about the importance of nourishing ourselves with natural whole foods from the earth.

Stacy Murillo
Stacy is a raw foods enthusiast who became interested in the raw lifestyle after various health issues affected her family.  She learned that her family's health could be improved by changing food choices without sacrificing taste.  An Associate Chef graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, Stacy believes that a predominantly whole food plant-based diet improves health and vitality. She is on a mission to share her knowledge and skills with others regardless of their current diet and lifestyle.

Tiana Rodrigues
Tiana Rodrigues is the chef and owner of Universo Organico, Brazil's first live food restaurant and organic market. Universo Organico, located in Rio de Janeiro, first opened as an organic produce market in 2004 and as a live food and vegan restaurant in May 2006. Since that time, Tiana's work has been featured in four Brazilian national magazines, nine times in the largest national newspapers in the country and on three national mainstream TV networks.  Tiana is also co-owner of the Viva Institute, a company offering live food retreats and human development seminars and workshops in Brazil and in the U.S.

Jenny Teresi
A graduate of Living Light's Associate Chef and Instructor Training Program, Jenny is from Claremont, California, a beautiful college town known as the place of "trees and Ph.D.s," located on the western edge of Los Angeles County.  Jenny's desire is to teach others the benefits of a raw vegan diet, and to be a part of the wonderful transformation raw foods brings to people's lives.
Michael Varbaek
Michael Varbaek grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. He became a world-class cyclist, racing for the Danish National Team. Later he moved to the U.S. where he became Captain of Team Spago/Finlandia, sponsored by Wolfgang Puck. He still races, and believes in staying fit and healthy through exercise and diet. He is a Living Light Associate Chef graduate, and helps others stay healthy in both California and Hawaii, where he teaches raw food classes with his partner Diane Haworth, co-owner of Raw-Raw-Raw.com, a company dedicated to giving people tools and knowledge to achieve optimum health.

Mini Film Festival

film festival

We are proud to present the artists and filmmakers of our 2008 Mini Film Festival (in alphabetical order)
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson is the author of The Rave Diet & Lifestyle book, as well as the award-winning DVDs, Eating and Healing Cancer From Inside Out. Mike is currently writing a book to accompany the Healing Cancer DVD. He lives in Los Angeles.

Valya Boutenko
A raw foodist for 14 years, Valya has recently graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. Valya is a certified raw food chef who specializes in desserts.  She is the co-author of the books, Raw Family, and Eating Without Heating as well as co-producer of the award winning movie, Interview With Sergei. She has been researching the ways to inspire children to eat healthier. She practices nonviolent communication and is a student of Byron Katie. Valya enjoys gardening, dancing, sewing, and painting. Her newest film Reversing the Irreversible will be shown at the Vibrant Living Expo.

Jim Carey
After attending Creative Health Institute in Michigan, Jim Carey lost 70 pounds on the raw food diet. He now helps others adopt the Living Foods Lifestyle program originally taught by Dr. Ann Wigmore. He has archived her video footage, and offers an online home study course in raw foods. His film at the Vibrant Living Expo is Traveling with Raw Foods with Dr. Ann Wigmore.
Doug Clemons
Producer, writer, and editor of All Jacked Up, Doug has a successful track record of over 25 years in business development activities serving both corporate and start-up interests. Doug holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television production and an MBA from Pepperdine University.
Living Light Associate Chef graduate Dorit of Serenity Spaces, founder of the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival will facilitate our mini film festival at this year's Expo. Besides organizing film festivals, she tours the United States and Canada to promote the message of conscious eating through her book, Celebrating Our Raw Nature.

Lionel Friedberg
With a background in cinematography, including 18 feature film credits as Director of Photography, Lionel has worked all over the world on both dramatic and non-fiction productions.  For the past 30 years he has been supervising, producing, writing, and directing documentaries, reality, investigative reporting, and educational programs. He is the winner of a Primetime Emmy, a National Emmy, an American Association for the Advancement of Science 'Westinghouse' award for science programming, three Columbus and three Golden Eagle awards for Best Documentary, and various other awards as a writer and a dramatic and episodic director. His film A Sacred Duty will be shown at the Vibrant Living Expo.
Jennifer Mattox
Director, writer, and producer of All Jacked Up, Jennifer combines skills in marketing and media communications with her gifts as a children's health activist. Jennifer spends much of her spare time working with youth groups, studying diet programs, and championing legislation that tackles school nutrition and children's health issues.
Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova
Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova has been one of the leaders of 'conscious birth' movement in Russia since 1982. In 2006, Elena produced and directed a revolutionary documentary, Birth As We Know It, about the correlation between birth trauma and the quality of life, and about what it really takes to prepare for conscious birth and to deliver a baby gracefully, minimizing trauma for all involved. The documentary, already in 52 countries, has been translated into ten languages by local volunteers, making a huge difference for hundreds of thousands people. Elena travels internationally, on speaking tours and teaching "Birth Into Being" workshops.


Friday Night Music Showcase

We are proud to present the artists performing in our Music Showcase - Friday, August 22, 7:00 PM at the Vibrant Living Expo

The Human Revolution is a group of multi-talented musicians who perform original music featuring positive lyrics and "body-shakin' grooves." This multi-cultural group plays songs in a variety of styles and genres, from roots reggae to original rock, island to country, and Latin to bluegrass. Each song transitions beautifully into the next, highlighting a common theme of togetherness and self-awareness. The leader of the band is Human, a young multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and traveler from the eastern U.S. The Human Revolution is about bringing an important message of awareness to the masses hidden in the fun and infectious world-beat.

Jah Sun
Jah Sun is an artist dedicated to global and social healing. Fusing the sounds of hip-hop, reggae, and world music with conscious and uplifting lyrics, Jah Sun hopes to awaken the human spirit and inspire others to live to their ultimate potential.  Jah Sun's band, High Voltage, is a collection of world-class musicians including Jimmy Foot, Ken Lawrence, Tim Randles, Tanasa Ras, Chris Noonan, and RJ Satava. With Jah Sun's fiery passion, youthful energy and the band's varied experience and eclectic musical talents, Jah Sun presents a well-rounded, exciting show.

See you at the Expo!

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The 4th Annual Vibrant Living Expo and Culinary Showcase™
August 22-24, 2008

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