Classes in Raw Vegan Cuisine
for Individuals, Chefs & Instructors

The Fourth Annual Vibrant Living Expo

August 22–24, 2008
Living Light Center, Town Hall, and the Masonic Hall
Fort Bragg, California


Speakers and Chefs

Joining Master Chef Cherie Soria, founder and director of Living Light and Dan Ladermann, president of the Institute for Vibrant Living and co-director of Living Light are:


Viktoras Kulvinskas, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Shanti GoldsCousens, Dr. Doug Graham, Professor Roziland Graham*, Dr. Fred Bisci, Victoria Boutenko, Nomi Shannon, Rhio, Cherie Soria, Dan Ladermann, Dr. Leslie Van Romer, Matt Monarch, Rachel Carr, Angela Stokes, Jenny Ross, Matthew and Terci Englehart*, Ed Leach, Elaina Love, Doctors Rick and Karin Dina, Don Weaver, Happy Oasis, Tamera Campbell and Michael Saiber, Kari Bernardi, Patricia Cramer, David Ross, Felix Daniel Schoener, Ronnie & Minh, David Rainoshek, Dorit, Martine Lussier, Vinnette Thompson, Barbara and John Stephens-Lewallen, Larry Wagner, Petra Schulte, Matt Samuelson*, AwaHoshi Kavan, Siri Gian Singh Kalsa, Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich*, Jan Allegretti, and Jackie Graff.

* Invited but not yet confirmed



Vendors & Exhibitors

If you would like to be a vendor or exhibitor at the Vibrant Living Expo, download the registration forms here:

Exhibitor Registration Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF format, 31 KB)

Wellness Pavilion Registration Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF format, 36 KB)

Click here to view the vendor booth frequently asked questions page.




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Seven complete 3-part
Associate Chef Training Series followed by a variety of advanced specialty courses.

Two complete 6-week programs in March/April and July/August training series offering all 3 Advanced Training Classes in one session. (by popular demand)

FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods is offered around the country. Check here for schedules.

Raw Empowerment Workshops presented by Living Light Institute Associate Chef and Instructor graduates in your area.