Vibrant Living Expo 2006 Rising Star Chefs


Kathryn Ackland


Living Light chef graduate and graduate apprentice of The Café at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ, Kathryn delights in creating special raw culinary treats. Diagnosed with Graves disease, Kathryn set out to regain her health through yoga, exercise, and a living vegan foods lifestyle. Her success in regaining her health is a role model for lifestyle changes in others.


Heather Allen


Living Light chef graduate Heather brings her two creative loves, food and art to the table, believing that food should look as good as it tastes. A former NFL cheerleader who always had issues with food, she tried every fad diet, until she discovered the raw foods lifestyle and learned how to get love back into the food.


Violetta Cope


Living Light chef graduate Violetta Cope is also a certified Living Food Health Instructor from the Ann Wigmore Health Institute in Puerto Rico. From her home in Devon, England, UK, Violetta, a certified Dr Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage Practitioner, offers detox programs, including manual lymph drainage, massage, and dietary counseling. An international teacher and workshop facilitator, Violetta is excited about creating and teaching allergy free recipes.


Richard Helmsley


Richard Helmsley was a fine dining chef of 13 years, and has created Chef's Synergy in Sacramento, a catering company dedicated to preparing the most delicious raw food with the season's best and freshest ingredients. He is joyfully looking forward to starting a B & B as a centerpiece for his mission of bringing elegant, yet nutritious gourmet raw vegan foods to the public.


Andrew Louie


A Living Light chef graduate, is an executive producer for "Breakthrough", a documentary film about a raw-vegan family. He has also created raw recipes for Frederic Patenaude's Body Enlightenment Programs. After an apprenticeship at Living Light, Andrew's plans include consulting, studying the healing properties of living foods, preparing healing foods and teaching others, including restaurants that are interested in incorporating gourmet raw vegan cuisine.


Zenith Rose Hilliard


A Living Light chef graduate, Zenith, who was born and raised in Mendocino county, is the recipient of a grant from the Mendocino Private Industry Council, and is currently pursuing her Pro Chef certification through Living Light. She is also a deli associate at Living Light Cuisine to Go, and conducts workshops through the Mendocino County Free School.


Petra Shulte


As Nutrition Education Teacher and Grant Coordinator for the Fort Bragg Middle and High School, with a California Health and Business Teaching credential, Petra is passionate about healthy foods and loves to help families and kids transition to more live foods in their diet.


Dr Siri Gian Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.


Living Light graduate Siri Gian Singh is currently doing an internship with Living Light. As longtime director of the Reichian Institute in Sacramento, CA, Siri Gian Singh has facilitated classes, workshops and retreats in everything from kundalini yoga, Reichian breathwork, and acupuncture to gourmet raw foods. He is in the process of relocating his business and his life to Fort Bragg, where he plans to create a community of loving service for individual and planetary healing.


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