Vibrant Living Expo 2007 Rising Star Chefs


Martine Lussier


For the past five years, Martine has been passionate about raw living foods. She loves to create recipes, and her creations are both colorful and delightful.  A certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef from Living Light, Martine is pursuing a Culinary Management Program, and is currently managing the school kitchen as a chef/intern for Living Light. Martine will be the first of Living Light’s students to complete all certifications, including the intensive Science of Raw Food Nutrition classes, and a one-year internship.  At the end of this year, Martine will take her Professional Raw Food Chef exam.


Vincent Flynn


Living Light Associate Chef graduate Vincent Flynn has served as a wonderful Living Light Angel during several training sessions at the school. Through his company, Raw Demo Delights, he offers classes, hands-on workshops and consultations in the Los Angeles area. Vincent and his beautiful family have been following a spiritual path for some time. We are fortunate that this path has led to his interest in living foods.


Olga Purington


Living Light Associate Chef graduate Olga Purington is passionate about bringing a raw food knowledge to people and motivating them to live happy, long, and youthful lives.

She is a member of the International Anti-Aging Society. Through her company, vitality Gourmet, she offers classes, hands-on workshops and personalized raw life coaching. She resides with her 2 children in Thousand Oaks, CA


Karina Ulrich


Karina Ulrich has had a lifelong interest in food and cooking. When she came to the United States she began catering and creating lavish meals for family and friends. A year ago she and her husband began juicing for health. When she tried the delicious food at Living Light Café, she was hooked, and started on a raw food discovery journey, transforming favorite dishes from cooked to raw. She now teaches workshops in the raw lifestyle, and loves to share her favorite recipes.


Lawrence Todd


Lawrence Todd is a graduate of the Living Light associate and instructor program.  He also has a degree in hotel and restaurant management.  Lawrence is currently working on getting his personal chef business started,  Lawrence Todd is passionate about is raw food life,his love for music and his golf game...


Christina Basor


Christina Basor is a graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute as a Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor. Christina is passionate about sharing the living foods lifestyle of abundant health with others and teaches raw culinary arts classes in Lakeport and Ukiah. Christina will teach you that by eating vibrant living foods you can eat abundantly, have more energy, become slender and still enjoy fabulous desserts!


Kari Bernardi


Chef Instructor Kari Bernardi brings a wealth of enthusiasm and skill to her work at Living Light. Formerly Monterey County Farm to School Partnership program coordinator from the Watershed Institute at CSU, Monterey Bay (a program that brings fresh vegetables, fruits and organic produce into the public schools and teaches kids about composting and recycling.), Kari is looking forward to working with local organizations in Mendocino County.



Nicolas Gomez


A certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef from Living Light, Nicolas Gomez  is from South Florida. As a former firefighter and paramedic Nicolas has seen how unhealthy America has become. Since then he has dedicated his time in learning how to empower others to take control of their own health through raw organic foods and spiritual fitness, and to share his passion for healthy vibrant living.


Dina Knight


Living Light Chef graduate Dina Knight is co-founder of Living Health Inc. and, based in Austin TX, which is building the foundation for a natural health institute and healing center. Through her own raw transformation she has lost over 85 lbs and is excited to share with others what it means to be ‘Living Health’.


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