Vibrant Living Expo 2006 Speakers


Kari Bernardi


A Living Light graduate, Kari is now program coordinator for the Monterey County Farm-To-School partnership at the Watershed Institute, CSU, Monterey Bay, bringing fresh vegetables, fruits and organic produce into the public schools and teaching kids about healthy eating, composting and recycling.


Fred Bisci, Ph.D.


Scientist and nutritional counselor, with a private practice in Staten Island, New York for over 30 years, co-host of a television show in Staten Island, and 30+ year raw fooder, Fred travels the world lecturing on health, nutrition and the raw lifestyle. A fascinating, knowledgeable speaker and an expert in the specific long term effects of following a raw diet.


Tamera Campbell & Michael Saiber


Michael is founder and developer of E3Live and his wife Tamera is the formulator of some of the top-selling green formulas on the market today. Michael has been a lecturer on health and living foods for many years. Tamera is CEO of Klamath Algae Products, Inc. and Vision, Inc, and has worked with someof the most well-known healers in the living foods movement.


Jennifer Cornbleet


Living Light graduate, raw food chef and owner of Raw-Food Cuisine, Jennifer offers lectures, classes, workshops and consultations in the Chicago area and nationwide. Her first book, Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People is a top seller on


Patricia Cramer & John Crutchfield


Patricia Cramer & John Crutchfield of the World School of Massage (celebrating 25 years) bring their combined talents with vibrational healing massage and integrative body self-care to their workshops. Their focus: healthy, alive feet, legs and hips; new ways to stand and walk; and positive, conscious ways of speaking to yourself to create vibrant health.


Alyse DeMaria


Alyse's aesthetic sense produces marvels for the eyes as well as the palette. She has worked with David Wolfe and other well-known culinary artists, discovering a strong affinity for creating extraordinary desserts. Her southern California company, Culinary Bliss, specialized in salon style elegant dinners and events. Honing her skills further as an associate chef at Living Light, Alyse works closely with Executive Chef Alicia Ojeda, creating spectacular desserts and specialty menu items.


Dr. Karen Coleman Dina, D.C.


A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Colorado, and Palmer College of Chiropractic West, and an honors student in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, Dr. Karen Dina has also extensively studied advanced nutrition and nutritional biochemistry. She practices a variety of light force and traditional chiropractic techniques, with a multifaceted approach to helping her patients attain radiant health.


Dr. Rick Dina, D.C.


A raw food vegan since 1987, Dr. Dina has been a staff member at the Hippocrates Health Institute, a staff chiropractor at fasting retreat, True North Health Center, and a teacher at Bastyr University. He is the founder and co-owner of Vitality Health Center in San Rafael, CA, where he conducts raw food retreats, and offers chiropractic, massage and nutritional counseling.


Dr. Doug Graham, D.C.


Dr. Graham, a world-class athletic trainer and respected lecturer, is an animal rights and environmental activist who has been a raw vegan for over 25 years. He is the author of Grain Damage and Nutrition and Athletic Performance, among other works.


Professor Rozalind Graham


A professor of applied nutrition who has been active in the natural hygiene movement in both the US & UK, "Rozi" is known for her exuberance, humor and energy. She is an international lecturer and fitness instructor, and co-creator with Dr. Graham of the Raw Nutritional Science certification course.




A colorful, engaging raw food chef, ecologist, television personality and author of Raw, The Uncook Book, Juliano adds a theatrical flair to his projects, including his restaurant, Juliano's Raw in Santa Monica.


Viktoras Kulvinskas


Often called the "Father of the Living Foods Movement", Viktoras has been a pillar of the raw community for more than 40 years. Co-founder with Dr. Ann Wigmore of The Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, and author of the seminal work Survival into the 21st Century, which has been one of the most influential books in the movement, Viktoras brings a beautiful spirit to all of his projects.


Dan Ladermann


Dan is co-director of Living Light International, president of The Institute for Vibrant Living and a co-creator with Cherie Soria of Raw World, the bi-annual raw-fooders' dream event in Costa Rica. Dan has been devoted to creating events that promote the raw/vegan lifestyle internationally. He is also a certified Hippocrates Health Educator and graduate of Anthony Robbins' Mastery University.


Ed Leach


An entrepreneur, life-explorer and student of meditation, Ed Leach has brought a variety of experiences to his company, American BlueGreen. One of only two importers for the precious "Original Himalayan Crystal Salt," he travels extensively, lecturing on the positive changes possible through the understanding of life force and consciousness.


Barbara Stephens Lewallen


Barbara ("Babs") and her husband John, have a sustainable seaweed harvesting company, Mendocino Sea Vegetables, and were instrumental in helping to form the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Alliance, which sponsored the First Annual Pacific Seaweed Wildcrafter's Convivium that took place in Philo, CA in March of 2006 and brought together chefs and experts on sustainable wild seaweed hand-harvesting of edibles from the sea.


Kimberly Mac


Living Light graduate Kimberly Mac is a rejuvenation and health educator, live food chef and instructor, and creator of the LIVEstyle Program for the Ultimate YOU. She specializes in Livestyle programs, live food retreats and classes. Her new e-book is Real Food, Real Fast.


Brigitte Mars


Master herbalist, raw food teacher and author of numerous books, including Rawsome, Addiction Free Naturally and Sex, Love, & Health. With over 35 years experience in natural medicine, Ms. Mars teaches at Naropa University, Esalen Institute, Kripalu and many other centers nationwide.


Paul Nison


Since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 20, Paul has pursued many paths to health. When he discovered the benefits of a raw food diet, he was cured of his affliction, and has since traveled the world to help others find the keys to health. His unique teaching is based on personal experience, research, and on his study of the scriptures of Christianity, and combines a humble style with science, humor, and a bold message of hope for everyone from children to seniors. Paul is the author of The Raw Life and Raw Knowledge I & II.


Alicia Ojeda


As Living Light's Executive Chef, Alicia, a classically-trained professional chef with a passion for raw culinary artistry, brings a wealth of knowledge to all aspects of raw food preparation. She also teaches Living Light Culinary Arts Institute's FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods as one-day intensive in various locations around the country.


Eliot Jay Rosen


Psychotherapist and Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Experiencing the Soul. Eliot was on the staff at Hippocrates Boston, and teaches spiritual connection with the energetic properties in living foods and an individual's metabolic biotype.


David Ross


David Ross is co-owner of the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts. Asante Holistic Health Center and Day Spas, and The Creator Network. He has professional backgrounds in business, psychology, theology, education, and healthcare. David teaches courses and seminars on attraction and manifestation in three primary subject areas: entrepreneurship, holistic health, and personal transformation.


Cherie Soria


Cherie Soria is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and the author of Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies. She has been teaching vegetarian culinary arts for more than 30 years and gourmet raw vegan cuisine since 1992. Cherie has personally trained many of the world's top raw food chefs and instructors and is often referred to as the mother of gourmet raw vegan cuisine.


Dr. Timothy Trader


A retired board-certified naturopathic doctor, Dr. Tim specializes in helping people enjoy vibrant health. He is founding governor of Healthful Living International, a nonprofit organization teaching the simplicity of health through natural hygiene and is an ordained minister of the Essene Church of Christ.


Dr. Walter J. Urban


Dr. Urban is a research psychoanalyst and author of several books including Do You Have the Courage to Change and Integrative Therapy: Foundations of Holistic and Self-Healing. He conducts workshops and seminars internationally.


Leslie Van Romer, D.C.


Passionate about people, health and life, Dr. Leslie is a dynamic motivational speaker, writer, and personal coach, with a private practice in Washington State, and a weekly e-zine on health, fitness, and long term weight maintenance, utilizing a plant-based diet. She has also produced an audio CD series, called "A Journey to a Whole New You," which features her weight loss and health gain program, called "Kiss YO-YO Diets and Fat Goodbye Forever."


Larry Wagner


A retired Vice President of Global Information Technology from Proctor and Gamble, Larry is a philanthropist, photographer, and Mendocino County resident who teaches classes in business, financial planning and personnel management for the local Chamber of Commerce, and has worked with over 200 different businesses on the northern California coast.


Don Weaver


Don Weaver has been a 100% raw-foodist for over 25 years and is considered by many to be the world's foremost advocate of soil remineralization. He is the co-author of The Survival Of Civilization which has been praised by Buckminster Fuller and is regarded by the world-wide remineralization movement as a blueprint for restoring the planet's ecological integrity. He is also the author of To Love and Regenerate the Earth.


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