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2005 Rawsome Pie Contest

Winning Cakes and Pies raise over $900 at the Vibrant Living Expo Rawsome Pie Competition!


This year's winning entries raised over $900 for the Vibrant Living Scholarship Fund, even with slices missing.


The 2005 Pie Contest was full of surprises this year. Picture this...All the judges were in agreement, the first place winner of the 2005 Raw Pie Contest, was unanimous--Ibrahim Gencay of The Raw Bakery in New York, with his luscious Vanilla Bean Coconut Chocolate Cake was the clear winner. Ibrahim, we were told, had planned to attend the Expo, but could not come after all, so he sent his entree anyway. But, alas that was not exactly true. It is true that Ibrahim's dessert was outstanding and the judges all agreed that he was the first place winner. It is also true that the dessert was auctioned off to the highest bidders, earning $320 for the scholarship fund. In fact, two of the judges actually bid on his dessert during the auction, so you know it was good!


Let's start over--in the beginning there were four pie entries, all vieing for a chance to win the scholarship to Living Light Culinary Arts institute and $100 in cash (or so we thought). Two of the winners, like Ibrahim, also teach raw food classes and cater events. We announced the winners and auctioned the pies off (with the help of Dr. Jameth Sheridan), fetching a total of nearly $700 toward the Institute for Vibrant Living Scholarship Program. The only problem was, the winning pie, was not actually supposed to be entered into the contest! Ibrahim had generously donated his dessert for the auction in support of the scholarship fund. When we called him to announce his win, he was flabbergasted, saying he did not enter the contest and felt the prize should go to the second place winner, VeRAWnika Clay of Sacramento, California. VeRAWnika' pie, Earthly Delights, was now proclaimed the REAL winner, rewarding her with $100 in cash and a scholarship to Living Light Culinary Arts Institute for FUNdamentals of Raw and Living Foods, valued at $440. When we called VeRAWnika to give her the good news, she said it has been a dream of hers to attend Living Light­-dreams do come true, VeRAWnika!


VeRAWnika and Living Light thank Ibrahim of the Raw Bakery for his generosity! You may order Ibrahim's winning dessert at (the recipe is proprietary).


Vanilla Bean Coconut
Chocolate Cake

First Place
Earthly Delights

VeRAWnika with Dr. Jameth Sheridan as he works the crowd while auctioning off the winning pie!


First prize for the winning contestant was $100 in cash and a scholarship, valued at $440, to Living Light Culinary Arts Institute's entry level course, FUNdamentals of Living Foods. The proceeds of the auction went to the Institute for Vibrant Living, a not-for-profit organization that co-produces the the Expo.

The first place winner, taking home the $100 in cash and a scholarship to Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, was VeRAWnika Clay of Sacramento.

If you would like to attend a Living Light Culinary Arts training and learn to make rawsome pies and other amazing raw and living foods, call (707) 964-2420 or visit workshops to learn more about upcoming workshops and retreats by Living Light.


Second place winner:
Red Summer Cheesecake by
Gabrielle Chavez

Third place winner:
Figgylicious by
Rose Canale


Thank you winning bidders!


Michael Saiber & David Kaplan

Julie Engfer & Brad Schawn
who sold off pieces for an additional
$60 which they donated. Thanks!

Our youngest winning bidder:

Team work takes the cake!