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About Living Light Culinary Arts Institute

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, the premier organic raw vegan school in the world, attracts people from all walks of life—we welcome everyone from novice to professional chef! We've created a variety of practical yet fun and life-transforming programs to suit every student, whether you plan to prepare foods for family and friends, or want to create a career in the fast-growing world of raw living foods. We inspire our students to create healthier, more conscious cuisine without sacrificing taste, presentation, or the emotional satisfaction of food. Our aim is to give our students the tools they need to create inspired dishes that exceed their expectations and thrill their taste buds. Living Light makes healthy living delicious!

We've designed several programs to provide the expert training our students need in order to create the freshest, most nutritious food on the planet! Our Chef Training Series is the foundation of our program and takes students through a progressively complex set of culinary skills--everything from mastering knife technique and learning to set up a healthy pantry to charting a menu, setting up and presenting a culinary demonstration, and catering a raw event...even creating dishes without recipes.

We empower our students by offering the practical knowledge base they need to develop confidence, creativity, and expertise in the raw kitchen. Our students make a difference in their communities. Among Living Light's roster of outstanding graduates are the following internationally recognized raw food chefs, teachers, and authors:

• Roxanne Klein, Roxanne's Restaurant and coauthor of Raw

• Chad Sarno, author of Vital Creations

• Elaina Love, author of Elaina's Pure Joy Kitchen

• Renee Loux-Underkoffler, author of Living Cuisine

• Sergei and Valya Boutenko, coauthors of Eating Without Heating

• Suzanne Alex Ferrara, author of The Raw Food Primer

• Jennifer Cornbleet, author of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People

• Alicia Ojeda, Living Light Executive Chef

• Chefs Matt Samuelson, Rayek, Ito, ...and the list goes on!