20 Years of Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine

As leaders in gourmet raw vegan cuisine since 1998, our professional Chef Instructors offer a time-tested curriculum and practical knowledge to help you develop confidence, creativity, and expertise in the kitchen. Earn certificates in the following:

Mastery of Raw Vegan Cuisine

A comprehensive 3-week training in raw vegan cuisine by classically-trained chefs.

Raw Vegan Artisan Desserts

Explore the world of advanced culinary artistry.

Advanced Raw Vegan Nutrition

In-depth, science-backed course taught by ground-breaking experts.

Here's a taste of what you'll experience:

The fundamentals of raw food preparation and gourmet plant-based culinary techniques.

Culinary presentation and recipe development skills in a state of the art kitchen-facility.

A comprehensive understanding of plant-based nutrition with a science-based foundation.

An experience that will change your life.

You'll learn a lot and you'll have an amazing time!

Living Light Culinary Institute is the world's premier plant-based culinary school offering insight and wisdom to participants from more than 60 countries. Since 1998 we've been on the cutting edge of the art and science of raw vegan cuisine. Students at LLCI are encouraged to be creative with their skills, which they learn through a complex and comprehensive program that ulimately prepares participants to provide wholesome and healthy nutrition back to their communities.

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“I came away from the school feeling totally empowered. The curriculum at Living Light Culinary Institute offers such a wide swath of comprehensive information. I left the school armed with a whole new skill set..."

- Jason Wrobel,

Celebrity Vegan Chef, TV Host and Wellness Edutainer

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How much culinary skill do I need?

We accept all levels of experience, from novice to professional and welcome anyone with a sincere interest in learning about living foods to join our courses.

Can I get the full raw culinary experience in one visit?

All of our training series are designed to be taken either in segments or all at once. We do offer online courses as well as individual workshops. You can tailor your experience to best suit your needs.

Is there a sequence for how I should take these courses?

Yes. We have designed a comprehensive program to give you the skills necessary for the creation of gourmet cuisine. While we have some prerequisites for classes, we also accept equivalencies.

Do you have a place for me to stay?

Our students stay at our historic, eco-friendly Inns within walking distance of the school. Our Enrollment Advisor can make your reservation and secure your student discount too.