Classes in Raw Vegan Cuisine
for Individuals, Chefs & Instructors

Chef Referral Services

Hire a Living Light Graduate!


Our Chef Referral Services help prospective employers contact certified Living Light chef graduates from around the world for full time, part time, permanent, or short term positions in the exciting new field of gourmet raw vegan cuisine. Our graduates are professionally trained by Living Light Culinary Arts Institute instructors, including Cherie Soria, the “Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine,” and have learned the fine art and science of preparing food that promotes a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.


Our students are available for positions in the following areas:

  • Restaurants
  • Catering
  • Chef/Consultant
  • Spa Cuisine
  • Health Institutes
  • Corporate Chef
  • Recipe Testing
  • Private Chef
  • Private and Group Instruction
  • Culinary Class Instruction


Job Posting

Prospective employers are invited to fill out one of our two job listing forms for temporary/permanent positions:


Listings will appear on our website for 30 days. Businesses and individuals with inquiries about our program may email us. Please read through all of the information about our services before submitting inquiries.


Job Listings

Living Light graduates (Associate Chef/Instructor and above) may obtain a password for our current job listings via email or by calling our chef referral services at 707-964-2420.


Graduates will then be able to contact prospective employers by the means specified on the job listing form: phone, fax, or email. All arrangements, including financial compensation, hours, duration of position, etc. will then be decided between the two parties. Living Light does not provide advice or direct referral to prospective employers on the suitability of individual students.


Four complete Gourmet Chef Certification Series in February/March, April/May/June, July/August, & October/November training series offering the three Advanced Training Classes in one session.

Eight complete 3-part
Associate Chef Certification Series followed by a variety of advanced specialty courses.

FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods is offered around the country. Check here for schedules.

Raw Empowerment Workshops presented by Living Light Institute Associate Chef and Instructor graduates in your area.